Here’s How Acupuncture Can Treat Heart Palpitations, Anxiety, Insomnia, & Stress (Plus a Twist You Didn’t Expect)

Acupuncture Needles InsertedAcupuncture at it’s heart involves manipulating the Fascia, or Connective-Tissue system of the body. Fascia is extensive throughout our bodies, wrapping around muscles and interconnecting organs and other tissues, making up what’s termed the Extracellular Matrix. When the acupuncture needles are inserted into the fascia near the surface of the body and properly stimulated, a cascade of reactions is triggered.

Acupuncture needling causes changes to blood flow, inflammation & nerve relaxation

The results are increased blood flow and circulation through tight, inflamed regions of injury or imbalance. Relaxation of the entire nervous system is another part of the body’s reaction to acupuncture needle stimulation – taking the body from a “fight or flight” mode to a “relax and repair”state plays a huge role in speeding up repair of cells and tissues, and healing processes within affected areas of the body.

How acupuncture can reduce stress & soothe over-stimulated nerves

Stress & Anxiety
This is What Busy, Overly Stressed People Look Like Before an Acupuncture Treatment 🙂

Acupuncture has demonstrated impressive anti-stress properties in both clinical applications and in research studies. Stress is often a component of symptoms such as heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, insomnia, and just plain old, difficulty in relaxing! This effect of regulating the nervous system and balancing over-stimulation of the sympathetic nerves is also crucial for promoting efficient function of our innate detoxification system, along with allowing efficient nutrient absorption and preventing digestive issues.

In our fast-paced modern lives, it has become increasingly difficult for many of us to successfully manage stress and maintain healthy sleep cycles, and to avoid digestive issues (think bloating, food sensitivities or allergies, acid reflux/GERD, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, colitis, crohn’s disease, intestinal permeability, etc.).

When nutrient absorption becomes compromised, our cells lose critical sources of building blocks, including minerals such as magnesium. Magnesium is needed for vast numbers of processes to carry on in the body, from muscle relaxation, to energy production, and protection against accumulation of toxins, such as heavy metals.

Introducing magnesium, the anti-stress mineral!

Magnesium and health
Magnesium is a nutritional mineral that serves a vast number of critical functions in the body.

Magnesium is vital in particular for proper rhythm of heart muscle contraction. If you’ve ever suffered from palpitations (feelings of having a rapid, fluttering, or pounding heartbeat), I highly recommend the combination of a course of acupuncture treatments along with supplementing magnesium and generally a few other co-factors that are needed to absorb magnesium into our cells. This approach can play a huge role in preventing heart palpitations as well as anxiety attacks, insomnia, and excess muscle tension or tension headaches.

It’s important to keep in mind though, that low magnesium levels are not the only possible cause of heart palpitations – medications or stress, for example, are other possibilities. However, even these two possibilities relate to causes we’ve already mentioned – many pharmaceutical medications leach nutritional minerals including magnesium from the body, leading over time to deficiency. And chronic elevated stress or poor stress management consumes magnesium, leading to deficiency.

How I tailor acupuncture treatments to your specific condition

So how does one begin the process of treating heart palpitations, high anxiety, stress-related insomnia, poor stress-resilience, etc??? With acupuncture, each client’s body requires a somewhat unique, individually tailored treatment. I start by palpating muscle groups where the patient appears to hold the majority of their stress-tension. I’m looking for the “active” acupoint (acupuncture point) by gauging the muscle groups for depressions, heat sensations, raised knots, particularly tender points where the nerves are hyper-stimulated or overly tense, etc. – basically qualities that differentiate the spot from the surrounding tissues. This approach yields much better, longer-lasting results in my experience than just throwing a formulaic cluster of standard, “textbook” acupoints together and hoping for the best!

So what’s the twist promised in the headline? Combine acupuncture with lab testing to boost treatment results & target detoxification!

Lab Testing
I combine blood, urine, or hair testing with acupuncture as appropriate to assess nutrient and toxin status and make targeted treatment protocols

If the client wishes to take the most comprehensive approach to addressing issues right out of the gates, I often will order some initial tests to assess any nutritional deficiencies or heavy metal toxicities that can be at the root of the symptoms exhibited. This deeper evaluation can also be done later, once we’ve tried an initial course of acupuncture – if the results following acupuncture and nutritional supplementation/adjustments are excellent and long-lasting, then of course further testing isn’t usually needed.

Free guide to avoiding toxins to restore great health
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In our modern world though, it’s difficult to avoid exposure to toxins like aluminum, mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, etc. Not to mention medications, molds and mycotoxins (toxins produced by mold), chemicals, and pesticide residues in the water and food supply. The source can be water or food as mentioned, or cosmetics and personal care products, deodorants, over-the-counter medicines, cooking pans, air pollution, dental materials, vaccine adjuvants or preservatives, plastic food packaging and bottles, industrial pollutants, and so forth. See my Guide to Avoiding Toxins for more detail on the sources.

Avoiding toxins & chemicals to reduce our toxic burden & prevent symptoms from returning

Because these toxic elements are so pervasive in our living environments nowadays, it’s wise for each of us, even if we’re healthy, to take methodical action to reduce both ongoing exposures to toxins, as well as begin safely removing toxins and chemicals from our bodies. When we reduce the toxic burden in our bodies, it’s like taking a huge weight off our shoulders – it lets our systems put more of our available resources and energy toward repairing and maintaining health. This makes it much easier to heal nagging, long-term symptoms, whether they be heart palpitations, poor stress resilience, anxiety attacks, chronic muscle tension, fatigue, or most any chronic condition.

Acupuncture & nutritional correction/detoxification as a non-invasive way to restore the body’s innate healing mechanisms

Instead of spreading our body’s resources thin by forcing it to constantly put our “fires” throughout the terrain of our being, our goal is to eliminate the aggravation at the core of the condition and allow a focused, lasting healing to take place in the body. With acupuncture and nutritional correction/detoxification as outlined above, the method is to simply restore optimal conditions in the body to allow you to heal yourself! We’re acting in the most non-invasive way possible, giving just enough support to restore your body’s innate mechanisms of self-regulation.

Where do I start with all this?

Restore your health with acupuncture and detoxificationReady to start your journey to restored health? Time to cast away nagging symptoms like heart palpitations, anxiety or insomnia? Get in touch with me and find out how to get on track towards lasting, long-term resolution of your health conditions!