Detoxification has become a widely used term

associated with all sorts of both questionable as well as scientifically validated methods of treatment. I employ a new-wave of scientifically sound Hair Mineral Analysis technique as an initial screening tool. This gives me an extremely useful window into the client's status of nutrient mineral levels as well as toxic heavy metal burdens. Following the hair test, I can determine specific blood, urine, or other tests to proceed with, in order to confirm or expand on the hair test results. The totality of this data gives me the data needed to assemble the most concise nutrition, supplementation, and detoxification protocol possible, tailored to your body's particular needs.

Hair testing, when properly interpreted, is an extremely effective method of determining the body's mineral status and correcting imbalances as well as deficiencies. Hair Analysis is preferable to blood tests for many metrics, and has been thoroughly tested and rigorously developed for many years. Incorrect mineral levels can cause all manner of health issues and symptoms, from chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and migraine headaches to arthritis, insomnia, depression, and much more.




are considered the "Spark Plugs of Life." Testing your levels with a Hair Mineral Analysis is far superior to blindly supplementing with minerals and vitamins. Taking a mineral that you already have an excess of can exacerbate existing health conditions and do serious damage to your health. Each mineral has an effect upon numerous other minerals and vitamins in the body. The ratios or relative amounts of minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium govern the proper functioning of a multitude of organs and processes in our bodies.

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I employ blood and urine testing for heavy metals, and utilize nutritional adjustments as well as glutathione-based detoxification methods to safely remove stored toxins at the pace your body comfortably allows. Heavy metal toxicity from elements such as mercury, lead, cadmium, thallium, tin, nickel, aluminum, and arsenic can result in a wide range of symptoms. Some of the most common signs include fatigue, migraines, fibromyalgia, premature aging, food sensitivities, bacterial or fungal overgrowth including candida, irritable bowel symptoms, hypothyroidism, adrenal disease, skin allergies or eczema, abnormal heart rhythm, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, irritability, poor concentration, memory loss, insomnia, depression, anxiety, disturbed sense of smell and taste, pain, tinnitus, tingling of the extremities, and more.


Louis Pasteur, near the end of his life, 

stated "the microbe is nothing. Terrain is everything (paraphrased)". Our environment is quite toxic today, compared to the world our grandparents and great grandparents lived in.  The two leading factors that determine our susceptibility to microbes and toxins are genetics (which we can't do much about) and nutritional status.  Getting a sample of your hair analyzed for imbalances and deficiencies will inform you which supplements you should take and which ones could be harmful to your body -- this takes the guess work out!  Additionally, we can make sure you're not carrying excessive amounts of toxic heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, cadmium, tin, thallium, and mercury.  Heavy metals inhibit crucial enzymes in the human body, as well as poison our cells' energy centers, our mitochondria.

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To begin working with me 1-On-1 on Detoxifying your body, I recommend starting with a Hair Mineral Analysis Test and Consultation as an initial health screening for toxin and mineral status of your bod. The cost for this lab test and consult is $180.00 USD and can be purchased by clicking the "Buy Now" button below. Once I receive your results from the lab, I analyze your results and consult with you, and put together a nutrition/detox plan tailored to your body's individual needs.  Be sure to fill out your address in the paypal purchase form where you'd like your lab test kit mailed to you.  Thank you!

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